Opening Night

It was a busy opening night at Art Gallery of Guelph with 4 new exhibitions, including the premier of Blood, Sweat and Tears curated by Isabelle and Sophie Lynch, co-winners of the 2016 Middlebrook Prize for Young Canadian Curators. As you can see, all were very pleased at the full house and great reception for their work.

mpfycc-opening-night-2016-isabellesophierandallBlood, Sweat and Tears tackles urgent, enduring questions of labour and the body. They ask: how can we re-think notions of work and productivity, and how bodies move and interact with space and materials?

Through the work of contemporary artists working in video, performance, and installation, this exhibition focuses on the human body’s relationship to work and the subjective dimensions of productive and unproductive labour.

You will have to attend in person between now and December 18th, when the show closes, Even better, come out to these special events where you can meet the winning curators in person:

  • Work Shop – Build a Rube Goldberg Machine: Culture Day (Saturday, October 1) from 2-4 pm in the Sculpture Park
  • A Conversation with the Curators & Artists and Middlebrook Prize Presentation: Saturday, November 19 at 4 pm

More details can be found on the Art Gallery of Guelph site.