Rube Goldberg Machines by 2016 MPfYCC Co-winners at AGG

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine in the Sculpture Park
Saturday, October 1 from 2-4 pm | FREE
Ages 8+ (Register, parents welcome)

Elementary: CreditsOne important facet of the Middlebrook Prize, is the chance for the winning curators to engage the local community in innovative ways. Isabelle and Sophie Lynch have prepared a Rube Goldberg Machine Building Workshop at Art Gallery of Guelph on October 1st, as part of Culture Days. Aimed at kids age 8 and older, the workshop explore some of the themes raised by the Middlebrook Prize exhibition “Blood, Sweat, Tears”. For more information check here.
back-to-the-future-1-reelgoodRube Goldberg (1883-1970) was an American cartoonist, filmmaker, engineer and inventor who introduced the eponymous notion of contraptions, often made from found objects, that do simple things in an overly complicated manner, such as is seen in the opening sequence of Back to the Future or the credits on TV show Elementary.

See you at AGG on Culture Days weekend! Click to Register!