Exhibition Opens in September

Get ready for a whole new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Guelph!

Winner of the 2015 Middlebrook Prize, curator Adam Barbu will present his exhibition, The Queer Feeling of Tomorrow, at the Art Gallery of Guelph. The exhibition opens with a reception on September 17, and runs until December 13.

“A cohesive and refined selection of works that meet Barbu’s conceptual objectives, coupled with extension programming that is dynamic and elastic in bridging a diversity of communities.”

The Queer Feeling of Tomorrow seeks to explore themes of doubt, resilience, and political agency. Featuring works by John Hanning (Brooklyn, NY), David Poolman (Toronto, ON), Sunil Gupta (London, England), Laurel Woodcock (Guelph, ON), Shan Kelley (Montreal, QC), and Julia Martin (Ottawa, ON), the exhibition traces a kind of queer orientation to the world expressed through a pursuit of the ambiguous enclaves and shadows of “official culture.”

Mark your calendars and see you at the Art Gallery of Guelph this fall!