Latest News from Natasha Chaykowski

We had the chance to visit MPfYCC 2014 co-winner Natasha Chaykowski recently in Calgary. Because she has been working out west since we commissioned a new physical prize identity last year, in particular the “cube” and certificate, this was our first opportunity to formally present the award to Natasha. She was pleased, and genuinely surprised (as seen in these photos) with the perfection of the Prize cube as an objet d’arte.

Emily Shanahan - One Hundred GesturesNatasha has been engaged in Curatorial Research at the Banff Centre for most of the last year. Her most recent work there was to curate the video installation “One Hundred Gestures from One Hundred Watch Advertisements (1901-2000)” on display at the reception for the Professional Development Centre. Check out Emily’s work as part of “Notes on How to be a Human”.

In July, Natasha was appointed as Director of Untitled Art Society in Calgary. She also mentioned that she guest curated an exhibition, for colleague TariLotte Van den Audenaeren, Untitledn Hughes, called Beyond the Barrier of Sound and Soon, of Light at AKA Artist-run in Saskatoon.

It’s great to see all the momentum and creative energy in the few years since winning the Middlebrook Prize.

Stay tuned for more from Natasha.